"Call me Trim Tab"
I am a service designer with 5+ years of experience in user research, experience design, digital marketing and business design. I have a passion to explore how organizations can build a richer understanding of their problem landscape through a design research methodology, develop human centered service experiences and optimize resource allocation with a focus on digital transformation. 
It was last October, when I was sweat soaked under the bright African sun facilitating a workshop to explore financial capacity building in rural Zambia that I began to think that our biggest challenge now might be “designing a world where people come first”. I’ve taken that line from Steve Hilton because it aptly describes what I’ve set out to do as a designer. 
Today, having clocked in 100+ days of lockdown, having watched the violent eruptions of a disenfranchised society and having grappled with the mental strain of trying to ‘keep it all together’, the cracks have been revealed. The disconnect between people and the bigger services/systems that look to support them is evident and clearly, requires an urgent response. You and me, as the disillusioned citizen, consumer, user and human have already recognized this. In fact, for most part, we’ve accepted this unfortunate fate because ‘this is life’. 
But the last 5 years of traversing various creative and business environments across the globe through different roles have taught me maybe there’s another way of doing this. I’m a Bangalore born, Lagos raised, California groomed and now London nurtured kid. I see the world in spectrums and gradients which has always allowed me to imagine new ways of designing systems and experiences. I care deeply about designing for inclusivity and building capacity within organizations to drive impact and always prioritize the human. My work is guided by my intention to bridge the gaps between business, society and technology. Heal those cracks :)
Looking ahead I want to be part of the movement that designs a world where people come first. I’m keen on an opportunity that combines my interests in systemic innovation, ethnographic research and storytelling. I see my role as a navigator on this journey to an inclusive world with sustainable business practices and technology that empowers people’s lives.
I'm currently based in London

I like to write; check out this novella I wrote that explores a future world with a 'zen' AI virus and some funky but also twisted futuristic folk
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