The Challenge:
LetsVenture is India’s largest online fundraising platform with 14,000+ startups and 2500+ investors. As part of their fundraising services LetsVenture helps successfully funded startups publish a news announcement of the fundraise on relevant digital and print media channels. However, as a startup themselves, they did not have a workflow in place for this and getting a Press Release out was a hassle. They needed help putting together a process that was flexible and considerate of all the stakeholders involved. So over 2 months we researched, prototyped and tested a new internal workflow to take their PR game to the next level.

The Outcome:
As project lead I conducted user research, mapped the stakeholder analysis, prototyped the new service workflow and developed the service artifacts. The new workflow brought down the time spent on the task from 1 week to 60 minutes. It also increased transparency between stakeholders during the process and tackled bottle necks that the previous workflow had.
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